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Guided play and exploratory learning

Young children learn best in a fun environment that stimulates their curiosity. JFK Swiss Outdoor Toddlers’ Camp combines guided play and exploratory learning with tailored programs and on-campus adventures for a dynamic summer learning experience. The program aims to support child’s cognitive, social and physical development. It encourages students to learn independently develops vocabulary and oral language, and helps build independence and social skills. Children refine their fine motor skills through activities like painting and making paper crafts. They build gross motor skills through sports, creative movement and outdoor play. Children will benefit from daily afternoon enrichment activities consisting of Arts, Music, Sports, Dance and Yoga.

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Summer Camp programme for 3-5 years old

Monday Crafting

Creative activities such as crafting help to develop imagination as well as fine motor control. As children develop artistically and obtain visual art skills and learn to become creative, imaginative and active learners.

Tuesday Baking

Baking provides the opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination, for example pouring and mixing. Baking strengthens hand and finger muscles, for example, when kneading dough. 

Wonderful Wednesday!

Children will have the opportunity to visit and explore new environments. This will range from outdoor learning; forest school, scientific and investigative play as well as local excursions and outings.

Thursday Wiggle and Shake

Children will express themselves and their energy through rhythmic movements and dance. This will promote and develop gross motor skills and listening skills. 

Friday Yoga Tots

Through Yoga children will learn self-control and concentration. They will learn a range of motion, body awareness, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance.

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Prices, Ages and Dates

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Age 3-5

Weekly from 4th of July – 14 th of July
Full Day 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Morning Only 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

One week session is compulsory.
Full day camp includes lunch.


Monday to Friday
Morning: CHF 350.- per day
Full Day: CHF 650.- per day
One Week (Mornings): CHF 1700.-
One Week (All Day): CHF 3000.-

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Are you interested in joining the JFK Swiss Outdoor Camp?


Outdoor learning is all about Nature. You learn with demonstration and evidence. Touching and seeing is all it is about.


Adventure is the move that thrives us now in this world. Watching nature will never be the same after our camps.

Team Building

Team work will teach us how to work in a group, how to tolerate others and how to build self esteem.

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