Camp Life

Outdoor learning values direct personal experience and hence increases motivation and has a bigger impact. Learning happens in a natural environment where students can see, smell, feel and hear the real thing.

ziplining in movement


At JFK Swiss Outdoor Camps offers multiple opportunities to explore an alpine environment. With all senses students will explore forests, streams, and mountains. For example, students will survey a mountain stream, test water purity, velocity and temperature. They will explore flora and fauna of a river and find out how it changes over the course of the river.

Boys boarding house


The camp will offer separate boarding facilities for young boys and girls in traditional Saanenland Chalets situated in heart of the picturesque village of Saanen. After breakfast students explore the alpine environment in the Saanenland. Each day is packed with exhilarating activities such as rock climbing, water experience, canoeing and hiking. In the evening there is time to relax with new friends and enjoy a barbecue or Swiss fondue.

Rafting discovery


Multiple opportunities allow students to discover for example the wonders different rock formations have to offer. They will not only discover different geological rock formations, but also learn how limestone was formed and will search for fossils. In addition students will discover how different animals such as birds, insects and ibex use a rocky habitat for their purpose.

Camping in the Eggli


Sleeping under the stars can be a magical experience. It is essential to take the right camping gear to make it a pleasurable experience. Accordingly students will learn about camp craft, for example choosing a good camping spot, how to make a fire, how to take the necessary precautions before setting off. The absence of light pollution in an alpine environment provides a brilliant opportunity to discover the Milky Way and to get the chance to view nocturnal life.

Hiking in the mountain


Hiking is a brilliant opportunity to discover the alpine environment. Students will have the opportunity to discover alpine Flora and Fauna as well as life on the summer pastures. Furthermore students will learn how to navigate safely in a mountainous environment using maps and compass, how weather conditions need to be considered and which equipment is needed for a successful adventure.

Water weel in the river

Learn Outdoors

Outdoor learning values direct personal experience and hence increases motivation and has a bigger impact. Learning happens in a natural environment where students can see, smell, feel and hear the real thing. It includes environmental education, personal and social development as well as adventure activities and can easily be linked to school subjects.

Dayly Campers Schedule

Typical day for the campers

Sun Icon of sun with rays around



Wake up

Sun Icon of sun with rays around

Rise and Shine!

Students are woken up by their house parents and helped to prepare for the day.


Healthy morning breakfast

Buffet breakfast served with a large choice of breakfast options 




9:00am - 12:30pm

Outdoor Learning


Outdoor activities

Students will explore forests, streams, and mountains using all of their senses. A diferent theme each week - Water, Mountain and Rock


Fireplace or picnic

Students prepare a fire for roasting sausages and bread or enjoy a healthy picnic outside

12:30pm - 13:30pm 



1:40pm - 3:00pm

Outdoor Learning cont.


Learning in the nature

Students explore the outdoor environment and are taught about nature and mountain life.

Activities - Sports

Activities on campus

Students enjoy different guided activites on campus with games and sports 

3:00pm - 4:30pm 



5:00pm - 6:30pm

Showers - Rest

Getting ready for dinner

Boarding campus take thier showers and have some free time before dinner.


Balanced and healthy

Students enjoy a healthy and balanced dinner prepared by our own Chef

6:30pm - 7:15pm 



7:15pm - 8:30pm

Evening Activities


Events - Shows

Time to relax with new friends. Students enjoy a full programme of activities such as talent show, fashion show, international evening, etc.

Prepare for bed

Back in the house

Studednts return to the boarding house and prepare for bed all in their own room

8:30pm - 9:00pm 




Lights Out

Good night

Students sleep deeply and have a good rest to prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Moon Icon of a moon in waning crescent phase

FAQ- Frequent Asked Questions

 What Kind of food do you offer the students?

A:The camp provides a balanced and varied menu that respects cultural differences. We organise a barbecue outside at least once a week. The camp has its own Chef that prepares meals with fresh goods of the day and from the region.

 What is the main language taught?

A: Students do not have language classes as such, but English is the main language used in all the activities. Activities are based on learning experiences and English language is then taught through exercise and conversation games and activities.

 Is the boarding mixed?

A: We accept boys and girls, but they room in different houses on the campus. Activities are mixed and if necessary the students are separated by age groups.

 Who is responsible for transporting students to and from the airport?

A: On arrival at the airport, students are welcomed by JFK staff and then transferred to Saanen by school bus. It is a 2 hour drive to Saanen from the airport.

 Do I need a visa to enter Switzerland?

A: Students from some countries must hold visas to enter Switzerland. For more information about visa requirements please contact us at: Please allow at least 2 weeks for the visa procedure in your country.

 What items should I take with me?

A: We will send you a list of items we recommend you to bring once you have applied. You will receive all the information together in a Welcome Pack.

 To which airport we should arrive?

A: Saanen is 2 hours away from the Geneva airport, therefore the most convenient airport to arrive. We have a pick-up service only from the Geneva airport.

 How long do you recommend the students to stay?

A: We recommend 3 weeks. Well, it's an Alpine mountain summer adventure camp. It takes that long to unwind, get in shape, and do something that makes this mountain summer camp experience one to remember.

 How do I apply to work for the JFK Swiss Outdoor Camp?

A: Please visit our employment page here for the job descriptions, requirements and how to apply.

Are you interested in joining the JFK Swiss Outdoor Camp?


Outdoor learning is all about Nature. You learn with demonstration and evidence. Touching and seeing is all it is about.


Adventure is the move that thrives us now in this world. Watching nature will never be the same after our camps.

Team Building

Team work will teach us how to work in a group, how to tolerate others and how to build self esteem.

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