summer landscape

Summer Camp

The Summer JFK Swiss Outdoor Camp offers opportunities for children of 6 to 13 years old to enjoy first-hand experience outdoor learning in Saanenland’s Alpine environment with all the natural resources available. Such experiences inspire passion, motivating our children to become successful learners and to develop as healthy, confident, enterprising and responsible citizens.

Summer Camp
winter landscape

Winter Camp

The Winter JFK Swiss Outdoor Camp is for children of 8 to 13 years old. It is about challenges, outdoor learning, succeeding and exploring. It’s about learning and teaching with nature during the winter, but most of all, it’s about living. Direct personal experiences such as skiing, snow shoeing, dog sleding, igloo building and avalanche rescue, cross country skiing within others.

Winter Camp


Outdoor learning is all about Nature. You learn with demonstration and evidence. Touching and seeing is all it is about.


Adventure is the move that thrives us now in this world. Crossing a river will never be the same after this summer.

Team Building

Team work will teach us how to work in a group, how to tolerate others and how to build self esteem.

"Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment, and communicate their discoveries to those around them."

The Audubon Nature Preschool